Engrave Flat, Curved And Uneven Surfaces

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According to manufacturer 2L, the Spring Loaded engraving toolholder can decrease cycle times and increase tip life when engraving stainless steel on a CNC mill. The toolholder enables operators to engrave flat, curved and uneven surfaces. Its design allows the engraving tool bit to float over material inconsistencies and operate at higher feed rates than a rigid tool, the company says. Rather than slowly feeding into each engraving line, the operator makes rapid moves into the material at the start of each engraving line. The company says additional benefits can be realized by using the toolholder in combination with its Tough Tip engraving tool. Designed for prolonged life, the solid carbide tool features a custom “V” design that is said to increase tip strength. It is available in diameters of 1/8", 3/16", 11/64" and 1/4"; lengths of 2", 4.5" and 6.5"; and tip widths of 0.010", 0.015", 0.020" and 0.030".

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