Enhanced EDM Machines

Developed for high precision machining, the FA-S series is now available.

The new high speed PM4 control enables full automation from rough to finish machining. PM4’s stepped shape capabilities allow multiple parts with different shapes and thicknesses to be machined without setting specific electrical conditions. The SL (step less) control can improve accuracy for finishing step shape workpieces. The company says straightness and corner accuracy on complicated parts can now be machined with precision. Another significant feature is the EM (entrance master) control, which reduces the dimple at the program approach point.

XY linear scales, 0.004” wire capable automatic threading and all-axis absolute control, which enable positioning without returning to zero after power failure, have been incorporated. The machines can achieve surface finish machining with the workpiece placed directly onto the table. Because an insulation jig is no longer needed, setup can accommodate automation. An angle master option allows for a taper angle of up to 45 degrees per side by using the new standard long stroke taper.


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