Enhanced Machine Simulation And Optimization Software

Vericut 6.2 CNC machine simulation and optimization software features several enhancements for developing, analyzing, inspecting and documenting CNC programming and machining processes without manually proving-out NC programs. The software reduces scrap loss and rework, and it optimizes NC programs in order to save time and produce a high-quality surface finish, the company says. The updated software features an NC Program Preview that processes an NC program without actually simulating material being removed. The Program Preview checks for collisions, gouges, minimum excess and instances in which axis limits are exceeded. The NC Program Review window has added utilities, including a calculator, user-configurable text coloring, syntax checking and block renumbering options. The syntax check enables users to check the NC program for syntax errors based on a user-defined set of criteria. Additional enhancements to the software include a Turret Setup wizard that enables users to load, change tools or change tool positions in a turret; a Tool Manager that allows users to describe the shape, position and orientation of a waterjet cutter or a tap; a Setup Plan window that enables users to add dimensions or notes to create a drawing of a setup layout or setup plan; and Auto-Diff, which automatically detects differences between a CAD design model and a Vericut-simulated cut part. The software also features the X-Caliper function, which can measure thickness, volume, depth, gaps, distances, angles, hole diameters, corner radii and scallop heights. It can also be used to measure the distance between the tool and the stock, and it shows the thread features of a tapped hole. The updated software supports simulation and analysis of tapping operations and checks for correct feed rate and direction when tapping. It also supports milling on turning stock and multi-axis waterjet cutting operations. The Catia V5-to-Vericut Interface (CATV5) and the NX-to-Vericut Interface (NXV) have been updated to further support the software’s applications.

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