Enhanced Multi-Axis Machining Software Saves Time

NCCS offers NCL version 9.6 of its multi-axis machining software for the aerospace, automotive and turbomachinery industries. This new version is said to offer more time savings in the generation of complex tool paths. New strategies in flow-line milling reduce programming time by allowing the user to automate the machining strategy of the software. The user can machine multiple surfaces in a single operation and has the option of milling around avoidance surfaces. Feature recognition enhancements allow circular interpolation records to be processed as a single arc motion rather than a series of linear motions. This allows quicker simulation of circular records and more accurate measurement of circular cuts. Improved tool displays added to the external library file give users more flexibility in defining tool shape, including individual shading for the cutter, shank and holder; individual tool shank and holder offsets; and the ability to define different classes of tools, such as mills, lathe bits, blades, routers, shanks and holders.