Enhanced Solid Model Handling, 3D Surface Machining

PartMaker offers Version 8 of its CAD/CAM software for CNC mills, lathes, wire EDMs, mill-turn centers and Swiss-type lathes. New features include enhancements to the system’s general functionality as well as improvements in handling solid models and optimizing of 3D surface machining operations. In addition, it is the first version of the software to run under Windows Vista.


Among the enhancements to the process table function is an improved method for adding processes created after the generation of the table. Existing process table modifications can now be retained when new processes are added. Also, individual processes can be turned on and off from the process table one by one for simulation and NC code generation. 


When working with solid models, users can extract turned profiles from parts automatically with a single mouse click, the company says. Verification of tool paths can be seen directly on the solid model for all operations, and solid model assemblies can be directly imported. According to the company, new optimization strategies for 3D surface machining can speed up the programming of 3D surfaces while reducing the amount of NC code generated for such operations.