Enlarged Machining Center Accommodates Larger Workpieces


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The Matsuura H.Plus-504 machining center is designed to accommodate larger workpieces. The machine features a 500 × 500-mm pallet and a working envelope capable of handling workpieces as large as 800 mm in diameter and 1,000 mm in height, and weighing as much as 750 kg. The machines in the H.Plus series are said to deliver long periods of reliable, unmanned operation, high accuracy and efficient production.

The machining center is equipped with a #40-taper, 12,000-rpm spindle. An optional 20,000-rpm (108.4-Nm) spindle for high-speed machining and a 15,000-rpm (350.0-Nm) spindle for high-torque, heavy-duty machining are also available.

The rotary indexing table (B axis) is driven with a direct-drive motor with a maximum feed rate of 100 rpm. In addition, Matsuura's Dynamic Clamp System (DCS) and Automatic Acceleration and Deceleration Control (ADC) intelligently contribute to a shorter cycle and indexing time, the company says.

An expandable automatic toolchanger (ATC) and automatic pallet changer (APC) options enable extended unattended operation. The matrix-type tool magazine accommodates as many as 330 tools, while the floor pallet system holds as many as six pallets.

The NC Matsuura G-Tech 31i is installed with the Matsuura Intelligent Meister System (MIMS) and utilizes a recently developed operation system with a 15" touchscreen, which improves operability, reduces non-cutting time and facilitates setup, operation and maintenance while saving labor and energy, the company says.