Entry-Level Waterjet Designed to be Reliable, Affordable

Mitsubishi's MWX3 waterjet is designed for production-environment applications.

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Mitsubishi’s entry-level waterjet machine, the MWX3, features a solid-base construction and cantilever head design to increase reliability and affordability for production-environment applications. A Mitsubishi 720 CNC control delivers advanced programming capabilities, and a 15" waterproof screen features improved graphics and an NC design for simplified operation. Menu and help functions are designed to easily guide the operator through both programming and workpiece setup, the company says.
The waterjet also features a high-pressure S-50 KMT pump, which provides 60,000 psi of water traveling up to Mach 2 with 1.09 gpm of water consumption through a maximum orifice size of 0.013". The reciprocating hydraulic piston to ceramic water piston ratio is 20:1, pushing the water into an accumulator that is said to maintain a smooth, even flow to the cutting nozzle. 

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