Ergonomic Clamps Prevent Slippage

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According to the company, the horizontal handle hold-down action clamps allow users to save space without compromising holding capacity or performance. The 2013, 2017, 2027 and 2037 series clamps are said to offer better holding capacity in the same envelope than the company’s previous models. A knob on the end of the open U bar of the clamps prevents spindle slippage, and the clamp design provides increased hand clearance in the open position, thereby improving ergonomics and safety by eliminating pinch points, the company says.  

The clamps come with a handle grip, two flanged washers and a spindle assembly with straight-base options available. The maximum holding capacity of the clamps ranges from 295 to 1,680 lbs, allowing the clamps to be suited for a range of operations. Additionally, the low pivot points featured on the horizontal handle hold-down action clamps provide for a perpendicular clamp force. The straight downward action is intended to prevent movement of the workpiece in the fixture.

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