ERP Software Enables Mobile CRM Access

The latest version of Vero Software’s Workplan ERP has been developed for the specific requirements of production management, focusing on mobility and speed.

Vero Software’s Workplan ERP 2018 R1 has been developed for the specific requirements of production management, focusing on mobility and speed. This edition of the CRM (customer relationship management) module enhances performance and accessibility with the introduction of a mobile license solution resulting from a collaborative partnership with Swing Mobility. Available for Apple, Android and Windows platforms, the mobile license offers quick access to customer data and tracking in addition to organizing CRM actions such as appointments and tasks. Users can quickly display a summary of opportunities, quotes, orders, invoices and consolidated turnover.

Because production management is not confined to the shop, the system introduces a packing management module. It offers tight control over shipments and rapid data exchange between different departments while minimizing the need for paperwork, the company says.

A touch tablet enables barcode scanning, real-time data entry and recording of packing data. Users can make up the packages and edit packing lists to show weight, dimensions and departure date. It tracks the progression of each shipment, from package preparation to loading.

To optimize production equipment, the system offers fully integrated CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) functionality. It defines spare part lists and document management for each machine in addition to allocating time and purchase records for unproductive tasks covered by CMMS operations. It enables real-time tracking of preventive and corrective maintenance schedules. Based on a predefined default, intervention requests can come directly from the shop. The module uses existing functionalities, such as purchasing, quality control, planning and cost analysis. Users can recover the project from its design phase, synchronize component libraries and recover estimated time and material requirement. Other features include input optimization, nesting programs and production-schedule management with automatic distribution.

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