Esprit 2020 CAD/CAM Software Improves CAD Interface


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Esprit 2020 from DP Technology

Esprit 2020 from DP Technology features significant updates to its CAD interfaces, among other improvements. The 2020 update includes support for CAD software including SolidWorks 2020, SolidEdge 2020, PTC Creo 6 and NX 1847.

The new release also enhances support for 200 specific Swiss-type machine models, including: the Citizen D25, which features three channels, three Y and Z axes, and a front and back B axis; the Star SV 38R, which features three channels and a B axis; the Tsugami SS38, a chucker-convertible sliding headstock lathe with B axis; Tornos machines; laser cutting operations for Tsugami and Citizen lathes; and Willemin-Macodel’s MT series of machines.

Esprit 2020 also provides expanded mill-turn support for the following machines: the Index G200 and G220, featuring two and three turrets, respectively, and a disk turret mounted on a B axis; the Miyano BNE 51 MSY, featuring three X axes and three Z axes; the Traub TNX, which performs simultaneous independent machining with up to four tool carriers; and the CMZ TTL, which has two turrets and two spindles. 


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