Execute Precise Inspection Of Various Components

Faro Technologies, Inc. began in 1981 designing, manufacturing and marketing high-tech medical equipment. It has since broadened its focus to become a single source for portable CAM2 solutions. Today, the company’s products are used to accomplish tasks such as digitizing bones for reverse engineering of prosthesis and for the precision inspection of various medical components.


Among the products offered are the Gage and Gage-Plus, which provide accuracies of 0.0004" or 0.0002" (respectively)and the Laser ScanArm, a seven-axis contact/non-contact measurement device with an integrated laser scanner. Using the latter of the products, operators can collect point variations and then scan (up to 19,200 points/second) the sections requiring larger volumes of data. These processes can be carried out without adding or removing attachments, untangling cabling, or using a separate CMM to import data, says the company.


Fast and intuitive enough for use on the shop floor, the Gage can also provide 3D graphical, tabular SPC reports for QC managers, says the company.



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