Expand Machinery Offers New Five-Axis VMC

The company is introducing the GEN MILL 5X-4, a five-axis milling machine that provides fast tool indexing, rapid rates and more.


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GEN MILL 5X-4 5 Axis High Speed VMC • 4-

Expand Machinery is now offering the GEN MILL 5X-4, a five-axis milling machine that features:

  • 4-inch zero-backlash roller gear cam tilting rotary table
  • 12,000-rpm inline direct-drive beltless spindle
  • 7.5-hp spindle motor with 6000-rpm synchronous rigid tapping
  • BT #30 BBT dual contact “Big-Plus” spindle
  • 21-tool drum turret with 1.6-second tool-to-tool tool change time
  • 2,362-ipm rapid rates in X, Y & Z-axis for fast production

According to Expand Machinery, the machine provides exceptionally fast tool indexing. Its cast iron construction is matched by the crossroller bearing way system, reported to be twice as stiff as ball bearing methods to provide improved cutting rigidity and tool life as well as a high degree of positioning accuracy. The Mitsubishi M80 control keeps up with the five-axis moves with a 135,000-block-per-minute processing speed and a 1,350 block look-ahead. It also features Nano smoothing and a 32 GB, solid-state data server.


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