Expand Machinery's GenMill 5X-12 Eliminates Multiple Setups

Expand Machinery’s GenMill 5X-12 five-axis simultaneous milling machine centers rigidity and accuracy in its construction, while its powerful CNC enables simultaneous machining.


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A press photo of Expand Machinery's GenMill 5X-12 five-axis simultaneous milling machine

Expand Machinery’s GenMill 5X-12 is a high-performance five-axis simultaneous milling machine. Its Heidenhain glass scale feedback in all five axes adds what the company says is unparalleled accuracy. A precision worm-gear drives the 12.6” diameter tilting rotary trunnion table, and has 150 degrees of tilt motion and a 0.001-degree indexing resolution. The 5X-12 reduces setups by enabling full five-axis simultaneous machining and the machining of multiple sides of the workpiece in a single operation.

Standard features include a 12,000-rpm high-performance Big-Plus dual-contact #40 spindle for extra tool rigidity, accurate tool length repeatability and longer tool life. The coolant system provides 300-PSI through-the-tool and a separate coolant pump for chip washdown that efficiently moves the chips into the belt-style chip conveyor. A 40-tool, chain drive, twin-arm, tool changer delivers tools in 1.7-seconds. Rapid traverse rates of 1,417 ipm reduce cycle time.

The 5X-12 is constructed of Meehanite castings and weighs over 15,700 lbs. for further vibration dampening. The heavy-duty cross-roller way system in the three linear axes provides rigidity and enhanced cutting accuracy, helping extend tool life. This system provides over twice the rigidity of standard ball-style linear ways offer. The ways’ wide spacing also offers what Expand calls the optimal guide ratio for the moving elements, further enhancing the rugged design of the machine for accurate and heavy-duty machining.

The rigidity of the high-strength cast iron frame provides a high-strength cutting platform with enhanced vibration dampening for improved surface finish and extended tool life. Expand says the 5X-12’s blend of strength and speed makes it ideal for materials like aluminum and steel, with its cross-roller ways providing the rigidity for efficient machining of Inconel and stainless steel.

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