Expanded Drill Series Eases Insert Replacement

Tungaloy has expanded its DrillMeister series of changeable-head drills.

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Tungaloy has expanded its DrillMeister series of changeable-head drills. The drill body lineup is now expanded 12×D in addition to the existing 8×D range. DrillMeister has a self-clamping system, enabling fast and easy drill head replacements. The insert can be replaced without removing the drill body from the toolholder or machine spindle, significantly reducing tool-change time and eliminating a need for readjustment or resetting.

The new 12×D drill body covers drill diameters from 12.0 to 22.9 mm, providing deep-hole drilling performance with components such as drive shafts and baffle plates for heat exchangers. The optimized helical flutes on the drill body are surface treated for smooth chip evacuation, making DrillMeister capable of deep drilling where chip evacuation is usually difficult. 

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