Expanding Mandrels For Turning

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The new EM Series mandrels are said to deliver rigid, consistent ID clamping for a variety of turning operations. The mandrels are designed for applications where rigid workholding and high accuracy are required, providing consistent concentricity to 0.0002".

The company says the mandrels allow automatic part loading with a small amount of sleeve expansion (compared to the jaw movement on a chuck) and faster loading, unloading and clamping time.

The mandrels operate by drawing a thin-wall clamping sleeve over a taper in the mandrel body and expanding the sleeve. They can be actuated manually (by turning a bolt) or by drawbar. Each sleeve size offers an expansion range between 0.020" to 0.060" depending on the mandrel and workpiece size. Each mandrel body can accommodate a variety of sleeve sizes.

The A series of solid mandrels uses 11 mandrel bodies, which cover a clamping range of 0.578" to 5.1". The A series offers monoblock design with a variety of sleeve sizes for each mandrel body.

The B modular series uses five mandrel bodies and allows interchanging the taper and stop plate with a variety of clamping sleeves. Modular design allows the user to dedicate a mandrel to one or more workpiece types and sizes.


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