Expansion Clamps Secure Workpieces During Machining, Transfer

IMTS 2018: Pascal will display a variety of workhandling products designed for productivity and machining efficiency.

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Pascal will display a variety of workhandling products designed for productivity and machining efficiency.

Expansion hole clamps are used on fixtures to secure workpieces during machining or transferring. They clamp into the holes on the bottom of the workpiece, supporting machining without tool interference. This is said to improve tool accessibility and machining quality, and to enable five-face and through-hole machining. The clamps enable simple and compact jig configuration and eliminate the need for air blowing during processing, the company says.They are designed for automating machining lines and can detect unclamping and mis-clamping. 

Expansion clamps are also available as grippers for workpiece transfer or machine loading and unloading. The clamps grip into the workpiece instead of around it, providing a more compact setup, the company says. Clamps use spring force to clamp and air to unclamp, enabling efficient clamping while simultaneously lowering the size and weight of the transfer unit.

The company’s robot toolchanger is designed for high-mix production. It automates the changing of the robot’s end effectors and grippers to shorten setup time and to increase robot functionality. 

IMTS 2018 Exhibitor

Pascal Engineering Inc.

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