Extending The Cutting Family

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Heliplus is an extension of the Heli2000 family which currently uses the HM90 APKT 1003 and HM90 ADKT 1505 inserts with 10 and 15 mm cutting edge lengths. The Heliplus family uses the HP ADKT 2207PDR insers with a 22 mm cutting edge length (50 percent longer edge than the HM909 ADKT 1505 insert). The HP ADKT/CT/CR 2207PDR insert exerts a low force leaving a high surface finish along a 21 mm shoulder. It can replace any other extended flute milling cutters which use shorter inserts. The HP ADKT 2207PDR insert was designed with two clamping holes for reliable and secure clamping--an important feature for high cutting speeds and high tooth load applications. Heliplus milling cutters can be used for very steep helical interpolations for penetrations into deep cavities. In the first stage, tool range is 32 to 50 mm endmill diameters, with Weldon and ClickFit adaptations and 50 to 100 mm face mill diameters with regular and coarse pitch combinations. All end mill and coarse pitch face mill cutters have interal coolant holes. The hard nickel coating is said to increase tool life and protects the cutter body from wearing out.

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