External Grinders Offer Versatile Performance

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SN‑Series modular external grinders offer a productive, programmable grinding system capable of producing higher quality products in the automotive, bearing and many other applications along. This versatile external-, single- or multi‑surface grinder combines

traditional machine tool integrity with new  technology, making it well suited for evolving manufacturing processes.


The SN‑Series external grinders have been engineered to help you optimize grinding operations in a wide range of applications. With OD capacities up to 30", many operations can be performed including shoulder and profile grinding. The machine features a torsion resistant grinding platform along with a hydrostatic slide system, rigid dressing system, variable speed controls and full enclosure guarding. The machines are capable of grinding at speeds up to 12,000 sfpm.


A CNC or PLC control system uses custom SNI grinding software that covers most grinding applications. The user interface is said to be easy to understand, adding to the ease of programming, setup and process/cycle optimization.