Face Mill Cutters Feature Large Approach Angles

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Useful for deep depths of cut or applications with poor clamping conditions, the F4047 and the F4048 are the newest additions to Walter's line of face milling cutters. Both feature a large approach angle—75 degrees for the F4047 and 88 degrees for the F4048. These angles allow cutting depths of 0.315" for the F4047 and 0.433" for the F4048.


The large approach angle also directs the cutting force in a radial direction, which improves process reliability and reduces the risk of deformation or chattering, the company says. The force in the axial direction is reduced by about 70 percent in the F4047 and by more than 90 percent in the F4048.


Both cutters are fitted with eight-edged indexable inserts with high-postive edges designed for soft-cutting actions. All the inserts are available in Tiger-tec cutting tool grades WAK15, WKP25 and WKP35.

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