Face Mills For Low Cutting Speeds, High Metal-Removal Rates

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Kennametal’s KSOM clampless cutters are equipped with a single-screw clamping system to provide longer life, high metal-removal rates and quality surface finishes in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron and high-temperature alloys. Available in medium and fine-pitch styles, the 45-degree lead face mills are offered in four geometries and six grades. They feature a steel body with eight tungsten carbide cutting edges.


According to the company, the cutters are useful for rough-milling applications that require low cutting speeds and high metal-removal rates in the general engineering, automotive and machine tool industries. The same tool can be used for both roughing and semi-finishing. The cutters are available in diameters ranging from 1.25" to 6". Featuring coolant-through capability, they can be used in virtually all milling applications, including face milling, ramping, helical ramping from solid, slotting and plunging. Also available are two insert sizes for increased feed applications and varying depths of cut. The 6-mm version offers a 0.138" cuting depth and the 7-mm version provides a 0.197" cutting depth.

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