Fagor CNC Meets Aerospace Machine Shops' Accuracy Requirements


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Fagor Automation has developed the 8065 CNC with features necessary for high speed and surface finish quality while maintaining accuracy. The CNC is seen as a complement to aerospace machine shops and those requiring extreme accuracy. 

Each 8065 is offered with a 10", 15", 19" or 21" high-resolution LCD TFT color or touch screen. Also included is Ethernet, USB and built-in touch sensitive mouse pad. The 8065 can control up to 28 axes and four separate spindles with four different execution channels with auto-tuning system setup capability. In addition, the CNC includes block processing speeds of less than 0.5 ms while analyzing the tool path with high-speed block look-ahead at nanometric resolution. Combined with the Fagor Adaptive Real-time Feed & Speed control (ARFS), the CNC analyzes machining conditions such as spindle load, servo power and tool tip temperature and adapts both the axis feed rate and the spindle speed accordingly. The results include reduction in cycle times, better part finish, extended spindle and servomotor life, and improved tool utilization, the company says. 

Equipped with the aerospace-specific HSSA (High Speed Surface Accuracy) machining system, the CNC is said to provide reduced mechanical stress on the machine for smoother movement and the potential of higher feed rates. In addition, the On-Board Bode Diagram tool enables measurement of the machine’s frequency response for filtering the machine vibrations incurred by the various operating conditions and environment.