Fast Five-Axis Machining Center

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Hyundai Wia’s new XF6300 high-speed, high-precision machining center meets the most intense performance requirements of the mold industry. These new design features reflect Hyundai Wia’s experience and innovative expertise redefining machine tooling excellence.

Advanced features include:

All-in-one column/bed structure: This structure provides exceptional structural stability for high performance, high rigidity and high quality.

  • Four-way structure of X axis: The box-type saddle design improves strength and minimizes thermal displacement.

  • Symmetric structure of Z axis: Vibration and thermal displacement are minimized by Z axis where travel axis is aligned with the weight center of spindle.

  • Box-in-box structure (X and Z axes): The pusher (head body) in the saddle of the X axis has box-in-box type and minimizes thermal deformation.

High-precision spindle: The built-in structure reduces vibration and heat for high-precision machining.

  • Spindle coolant: A spindle oil chiller controls temperature and minimizes thermal deformation.

  • HSK toolholder: Precise positioning with less expansion on spindle taper during high-speed rotation ensures greater accuracy.  

Direct-drive motor (DDM) tilting rotary table: The direct-drive method provides superb productivity and high quality.

Magazine and ATC: Tool-change time (chip-to-chip) of 4.5 seconds is best in its class.

Controller and mold package: Powerful mold package means powerful performance. 

  • HWM all-in-one:  The unified design translates into quality products and efficient mold machining. 

  • Optimization of simultaneous five-axis control: Step up to the latest Siemens 840D NC and 19" large monitor for power programming capability and recognition.

  • Siemens MDynamics three- and five-axis packages: Shop mill; residual material detection; shape pocket machining and cutting; 3D simulation (completed parts); real-time simulation; additional HMI memory on CF card.

  • HW-ecoPS: Power-saving system reduces power consumption up to 20 percent.     

Learn more about Hyundai Wia’s next-generation machine tools at IMTS 2016, Booth #S-8948 or visit the company's IMTS showroom

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