Fiber Laser Processes Various Sheet Materials, Thicknesses


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Bystronic introduces its BySmart Fiber 3015, a fiber laser cutting machine designed for users who are looking for quality machine performance at a lower investment cost. Available with a Fiber 2000 or Fiber 3000 laser source, the machine can process a range of materials and thicknesses, from steel and stainless steel to aluminum and nonferrous metals such as copper and brass. According to the company, the machine speeds the cutting process for thinner materials compared to a CO2 laser due to the high energy density provided by the fiber laser beam, but also provides cut quality and speed for thicker materials.

The 22" touchscreen ByVision controls the entire manufacturing process. While cutting, ByVision controls all the processes on the machine and provides the user with the most important process and machine data on the screen, providing the user with an overview of relevant information, such as the current cutting plan, the position of the cutting head and the machine status. The BySoft 7 software is said to integration into the manufacturing process chain.


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