Fifth Axis For Wire EDM

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The company introduces the Model H80R.NC, an integrated A axis for horizontal use on wire EDMs. For Fanuc wire EDM machines, the axis H80R.NCF, H 100R.NCFI and H160R.NCF were developed to incorporate Fanuc motors and encoders, making it possible to "turn and burn." The axis uses a Fanuc encoder that measures a million pulses per revolution. The encoder is mounted directly to the axis spindle to ensure the highest accuracy possible. The H100R.NCFI and H160R.NCF can also be used in both the vertical and horizontal positions.

The rotary axis and tables are fully submersible and do not require air pressure purging. The axis' housings are manufactured from a single block of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are precision ground to the axis. Some models are available in a non-stainless construction, and more than eight models are available with 80 mm to 800 mm diameter mounting surfaces. Manual and pneumatic clampers are also available for manual and robotic loading. Clampers of other tooling systems can also be adapted to be used with these products.

Stand alone programmable NC controls for non-"turn and burn" applications are available and can be interfaced via M-Code to machine controls for automatic operations.


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