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Filtration For Precision Machining

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Ebbco, Inc.’s Evolution series of metalworking filtration systems is designed for precision machining cutter-grinder applications of carbide, tool steel, PCD and ceramics. This system conditions coolants and oils to 1 micron while controlling temperatures to prevent thermal distortion.


One noteworthy product feature is a high-capacity cartridge filter vessel, which uses the company’s 623 filter cartridges. With a total surface area of 210 square feet, the micron-rated cartridges are enclosed in a single housing with a hydraulic lid-opening device. Each cartridge can hold as much as 30 lbs of carbide sludge—for a total of 150 lbs in the filter vessel.


Other product features include a chiller that incorporates a digital temperature controller and a filter service beacon that flashes to indicate filter change-out.






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