Finishing Ballnose End Mill

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The company says its new finish ballnose end mill offers the benefits of precision ground inserts with strong cutting edges and new PVD insert coatings, to produce superior finishes and accuracy for milling in die and mold and general machining applications. The finishing ball nose end mill is called the VaIMill 400. According to the company, it combines the use of advanced insert coating technology with a rigid cutter design that uses a TorxPlus insert locking mechanism. The end mill cutter bodies are available in six different cutter diameters from 0.375" to 1.25". Maximum recommended speeds for the end mills range from 32,500 rpm for the larger diameters up to 40,000 rpm for the smallest. The end mill is designed to use a precision-ground insert that has two effective teeth per insert and provides cutting diameter accuracy of ±0.0004". The precision edge quality of the insert is ground on the entire insert circumference, which the company says provides superior performance. The inserts are available in a new grade that is said to be versatile, VP5007, suitable for a range of workpiece materials. VP5007 has a micrograin substrate and a titanium aluminum nitride PVD coating to provide the wear resistance and edge integrity required for producing superior surface finishes, the company says.