Finishing Process Improves Corrosion Protection

Appropriate for toolholders, workholding components, turret press tooling and other tools, Birchwood Casey’s Tru Temp process forms a non-dimensional, black oxide finish.  The method provides long-time corrosion resistance without impairing tool function, the company says.


Because the low-temperature process can be performed in-house, turnaround time can be enhanced. Total processing time is 25 minutes, and small parts can often be processed in bulk loads while larger tools are finished on racks. Many existing tank lines can be retrofitted to accommodate the process. The company also offers new process lines in various sizes.


A benefit of using this method is that it operates at 200 degrees F, says the company. Therefore, splattering and boilover hazards associated with conventional hot oxide tanks are reduced. The relatively mild solutions used in the process line can also prevent the formation of red coatings and white salt leaching that sometimes plague ordinary black oxide finishes.




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