Finishing Services Enable Submicron Processing

IMTS 2018: Finish3D is a line of finishing services offered by Extrude Hone.

Finish3D is a line of finishing services for 3D-printed parts offered by Extrude Hone. Services include Abrasive Flow machining (AFM), rapid Coolpulse technology, and micromachining process (MMP) technology.

Because of this combination of processes, the line enables surface finishing down to the submicron level (Ra<1 microinch or 0.025 micron) at a cycle time suitable for high volumes. The process can be simulated up front, improving quality and cost-effectiveness.

Appropriate for aluminum, stainless steel, Inconel, titanium and other materials, AFM and Coolpulse can address a range of geometries. AFM is well-suited to internal finishing of intricate passages, for instance.

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