Five-Axes Measuring Capability Added

Optical Gaging Products, Inc. has added programmable five-axis measuring capability to its SmartScope Quest 650 metrology system.  A motorized dual-rotary indexer enables sensors to measure features at virtually any location on complex parts. The company’s MeasureMind software supports simultaneous five-axis motion, which is said to keep the coordinate system aligned with the rotating part.

This automatic system accurately measures complex parts such as turbine blades, vanes and airfoils, the company says. Features, such as high speed linear motors; a large working volume; support of a range of sensors (video, laser, touch probe and micro-probe); and the ability to switch between sensors at any point during a measurement routine, are said to contribute to the system’s ability to measure a variety of parts in one setup.

Also included is the company’s TeleStar zoom lens, which has been designed specifically for precision video metrology. 


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