Five-Axis, Five-Sided Large-Capacity Machining Capabilities

Featuring five-axis integrated rotary table technology, the CFV5 from Cincinnati Lamb machines workpieces as tall as 300 mm, with diameters as large as 400 mm. The five-axis vertical machining center has 150-degree tilt capability, as well as a rigid cast frame structure designed to minimize chatter and vibration while provided good surface finishes and accuracy.


All models within this product line offer 540-mm Y-axis travel, 585-mm throat distance and a vertical front guard face to maximize the work envelope. A high speed Si version is offered with an optional 20,000-rpm HSK-63A spindle. Because of its simultaneous five-axis machining and five-axis positioning capabilities, this model is useful for producing parts, such as those for the aerospace industry, as well as for mold and die machining.



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