Five-Axis High Speed Drilling

Manufactured by Belmont, the A66CNC-AEC (automatic electrode changer) is the most recent offering in a line of Astechole drills. Features include five-axis CNC operation, programmable electrode and guide change capabilities, a bridge construction, XY travels of 24" and 24" and closed- loop accuracy. With a worktable of 32" x 27" and an open height starting at 25.5", the machine is capable of handling large workpieces.


Located in a freestanding cabinet, the control provides high frequency cutting energy to the electrode, with up to 40 amps of available power. The display is comprised of a 15" LCD screen, and data can be entered via the keyboard or a mouse using a Windows NT operating system.  Users can also load data through a RS232C port or 3.5 disc drive, USB port or modem. In addition, programs are written in absolute or incremental using a command format. 


The enhanced microprocessor and Z-axis DC servomotor, along with the standard triplex, three- plunger high-pressure dielectric pump, combine features to create a system that removes the disintegrated material from the cut rapidly, promoting small, fast and deep drilling possibilities, the company says. The microprocessor controls the soft start approach to the workpiece, commencing with low electrode power and gradually increasing to full power as the cut progresses.  This produces small controlled initial sparks, which reduces burrs and work surface scars caused by molten splatter. 



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