Five-Axis HMC With Slide-Mounted Spindle

The G350 five-axis HMC has a slide-mounted spindle module that offers 0.00039" (0.01 mm) position tolerance, Z-axis stability and cutting tool rigidity. The spindle module and table are located to one side of the machine’s center line, providing front and side access for part loading and tool inspection. With the control on the side, the HMC provides clear sightlines to review programming inputs and tool paths. The G350’s spindle body is mounted on a slide to feed the entire spindle drive module from front to back for the Z-axis travel. A second slide mechanism moves the spindle/slide module in the X axis. By feeding the complete spindle mechanism along the guideway surfaces, the system is designed to maintain a consistent tool/spindle overhang from its support point—the front bearing. This construction provides tool rigidity which minimizes vibration and results in improved accuracy, productivity, surface finishes and tool life. The machine’s X-, Y- and Z-axis travels are 23.6" × 25.8" × 26.6" (600 × 655 × 675 mm). Its rapid traverse movements in X, Y and Z are 2,559; 1,417; and 3,543 ipm (65, 36 and 90 m/min), respectively. The standard spindle drive provides speeds as fast as 12,000 rpm, with optional spindles rated at 8,000, 10,000 or 18,000 rpm. The machine table is adaptable for A and B axis rotation or for B-axis rotation only.

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