Five-Axis Laser System

Prima now offers the Laserdyne Model 450 five-axis system designed specifically for precision percussion and trepan drilling of turbine engine blades, nozzle guide vanes, shrouds and similar sized components.

The laser system includes features such as Optical Focus Control (OFC), which provides focus control for ceramic coated as well as metal surfaces along with probing of the surface prior to and during laser drilling. This is combined with the BreakThrough Detection feature, which can improve hole consistency, reduce backwall strike damage and increase throughput during processing, the company says. Another standard feature is Active Optical Sensing (AOS), a combination of hardware and software that monitors the state of optics during the drilling process. AOS warns the operator or will stop the process when the optics have been compromised.

The system is controlled by the S94P laser process control, which is designed for integrated control of laser, motion and sensing functions for materials processing. The software includes a number of options for laser cutting, drilling and welding.

The configuration consists of three linear XYZ and two AB rotary axes mounted on the XY axes. The workpiece and associated fixturing are mounted to the direct drive A (rotary) axis that, in turn, is positioned using a gear drive rotary table.