Five-Axis Machining Center--Bridgeport

The fully-integrated five-axis XR 600 5AX vertical machining center (VMC) offers a range of applications within the aerospace, automotive, motor sport, medical, mold, and tool and die sectors. The VMC features a rigid bridge-style design and 45 mm fixed pre-tensioned double-nut cooled ballscrews on all linear axes. The 600 mm (23.62") diameter integrated dual-axis rotary table with 150-degree tilt and 5-arc second accuracy is said to enhance the machine’s flexibility and high precision machining capability. The company states that the ability to machine complex shapes, undercuts and difficult angles in a single setup reduces tooling cost and labor time, resulting in a lower cost per part. The 48-tool, carousel-type automatic tool changer features random access, bidirectional indexing and 4.9-second chip-to-chip change time. The 33.5-hp, 15,000-rpm Weiss directly-coupled spindle option is said to offer long life, high metal removal rates and the ability to run at high spindle speeds for long periods of time because of its grease replenishment system. The thermally-stable spindle design eliminates belts and gearboxes, reducing spindle inertia and decreased acceleration/deceleration times.  

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