Five-Axis Machining Center For Automated Production

Now available from Mikron Bostomatic Corporation is the UCP 600 Vario, which can accommodate a variety of machining configurations, including automated production applications in the manufacturing of medical components, such as tibial and femoral components, acetabular components, humeral components, dental implant abutments and various instruments. 

The five-axis system can machine an array of materials, including stainless steels, titanium, nickel-based materials, cobalt-chrome-based alloys and other difficult-to-cut resources. Among the efficiency-conscious features is a scaleable toolchanger system, which has the capacity to hold 100 to 220 tools. A pallet changing system can be integrated for automated production. Using this seven-position pallet changer, a workpiece with a surface area as large as 13" × 13", a height of 14" and a maximum weight of 176 lbs can be changed and simultaneously five-axis machined.


Three spindle options—12,000 rpm, 20,000 rpm and 42,000 rpm—are offered, along with a rotary/tilt table that swivels between -115 degrees and +30 degrees for  milling flexibility.


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