Five-Axis Machining Center For Complex Parts(2)

Designed for five-axis machining of small to mid-sized parts, Hermle's C 20 U features a modified gantry design with three linear axes and two rotary axes. Rapid traverse rates on the X, Y and Z linear axes are 45 m/min, and travels are 600 × 450 × 450 mm. The A and C rotary axes feature positioning speeds as fast as 25 rpm. 


For vibration damping and low thermal conductivity, the machine is built on a one-piece, poured mineral casting base. Standard spindle speed is 10,000 rpm, and 16,000-, 28,000- or 40,000-rpm spindles are optional. While the standard spindle interface is SK40, users can also opt for an HSK A63 or HSK E40 interface. With a chip-to-chip time of 4.5 seconds, the standard tool magazine holds 30 tools and can be expanded to hold 73 or 117 tools.


The NC swiveling rotary table is available in two diameters; the 400-mm version can accommodate pallets measuring 320 × 320 mm, while the 500-mm version can accommodate pallets measuring 400 × 400 mm. Swivel range is ±115 degrees, and maximum table load is 300 kg. The company's pallet changer system, which can handle pallets as heavy as 160 kg, is designed to permit both automated operation and manual operator access. Standard three-pallet capacity can be increased to seven. In addition, the pallet system is equipped with the company's precision location system. Alternatives for automated operation include customized pallet systems and a retractable rooftop section for crane loading.



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