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Five-Axis Machining Center For Large Workpieces

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Available from Dynamic International, the Dinomax is a high speed, five-axis, top-riding gantry. While it borrows many components from an older model, the Dino Bridge mill, the machine is said to have higher accelerations, feed rates and surface accuracy resulting from improved static and dynamic stiffness.


With fixed X-axis columns and a linear-motor driven cross rail, the machine is suited for larger workpieces such as stamping dies, large molds and aerospace components. The saddle-cross Y-axis motion and the ram vertical Z-axis stroke use precision-ground, high-lead ballscrews with double pre-loaded nuts. Feedback is through independent linear feedback scales.


The machine is available in several versions and sizes. The largest models provide as much as 236" (6 m) of X-axis travel, 126" (3.2 m) of Y-axis travel and 59" (1.5 m) of ram stroke. Axis feed rates approach 2,000 ipm. Available heads include a 22,000-rpm, 30-hp contouring head with 10-degree undercutting, a vertical head with 10,000 rpm and a universal infinite positioning index head, all with a variety of spindles.


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