Five-Axis Profiler

The company introduces the HX-150B, a high speed horizontal kinematics profiler based on a mobile concept design.

Developed for profile milling aluminum aircraft parts, it is based on a triangular kinematical principle. The profiler's parallel structure consists of six composite shafts, ball joints and drive mechanism, which is said to enable users to achieve aluminum machining efficiency.

Capabilities include feed rates of between 0.001 and 40 m/min. (0.01 ipm to 1,600 ipm) in XYZ axes; from 1 to 3,600 degrees per minute (dpm) in the rotational A and B axes; as well as rapid traverse as high as 100 m/min (4,000 ipm) (XYZ) and 7,200 dpm (A and B).

Also, the built-in 95- hp / 70 kW spindle is capable of speeds between 3,000 rpm and 30,000 rpm. An HSK-63E spindle nose comes standard.

The U-axis travel mechanism is capable of traversing up to 2,160 mm (85"). The company says this allows machining of large or long workpieces, without necessitating multiple setups. Additionally, X and Y axis travels of 83" x 31.5" and spindle tilting Z axis range of ±30 degrees offer the ability of milling parts of varying complexity. The 4,000-mm (157") × 1,500-mm (59") table accommodates a maximum load of 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs).

A Siemens-840D control comes standard. A 60-tool capacity ATC is optional.


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