Five-Axis VMC Adds Two-Station Pallet Changer

The Mytrunnion-5 is a simultaneously-controlled five-axis machine with X, Y and Z axes; an additional tilting A axis; and a rotary C axis with a 0.001-degree minimum indexing command.  Machining of high-precision, complicated parts is completed in one operation, which reduces the overall machining process. The maximum workpiece size of 24.8" in diameter × 19.7" and maximum loading capacity of 880 lbs allow for flexibility and versatility in machining.   High-precision (positioning accuracy of ±0.000039" and repeatability of ±0.00002") simultaneous five-axis capabilities allow for quality surface finishes while saving on labor and tooling costs.    According to the company, its standard #40-taper, four-step gear-driven, dual-contact, 20,000-rpm spindle can be used for a range of applications on materials such as titanium, aluminum and steel. It can also be used under a variety of cutting conditions. Boxway construction, rapid feed rates of 1,969-ipm and standard linear scale feedback give the user the precision necessary for high-tolerance work, the company adds.   The optional two-station automatic pallet changer allows the operator to setup or unload one pallet while the other is being machined. Easy accessibility and smooth automatic pallet change design with full enclosure offers the operator a safe work environment to perform in-process inspection while the machine is in cycle, the company says. This option offers the flexibility of increased spindle usage coupled with the potential to connect with flexible manufacturing cells in the future for five-axis unmanned machining potential.    The VMC is constructed with wide door openings, a sliding ceiling, fully-enclosed splash guards and a maintenance cabinet where all lubrication, hydraulic and spindle oil is managed.   Standard features such as coolant through the spindle; tool presetter package; linear-scale feedback; and a double-decker conveyor and filtration system optimize machine performance and efficiency.