Five-Axis VMC Built For Speed, Precision

Suited for machining complex part geometries, the NMV5000 DCG five-axis VMC features DCG technology and a box-in-box construction. According to manufacturer Mori Seiki, DCG technology improves accuracy, prolongs tool life and reduces cycle times by moving structural parts along their simulated centers of gravity to reduce vibration. In addition, this construction results in a structure with zero overhang and balanced guideways and rails. This allows stable feeds at high speeds, the company says.


The machine also includes direct-drive motors on the B and C axes. Transmitting power directly with no gears eliminates backlash, while having no parts to wear out leads to less maintenance and longer machine life, the company says. Featuring a C-axis rapid traverse rate of 120 rpm, the machine is also capable of turning. C-axis rapid traverse rates of 500 rpm and 1,200 rpm are available as options.


To minimize setup time, the machine is designed to provide easy access to the table. The door opening is 36.2" wide, and the distance between the center of the table and the front of the machine is 19.7". The VMC uses the company’s Mapps III control, which features a real-time interference-check function and high speed canned cycles.

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