Five-Axis Waterjet Machine Cuts Complex Shapes

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The five-axis Evolution waterjet uses a self-positioning rotation point device on the material to automatically maintain a constant distance from the nozzle to the workpiece. This feature protects the nozzle through a working range from flat work to a contoured interpolation of ±69 degrees. This model is designed for aerospace, prototype, medical and extrusion-type work. According to the company, it provides complete 3D interpolation for cutting tapers and complex shapes that are highly tapered. Machine travels in X, Y and Z are 20" x 10" x 10".  The 60-hp pump provides 60,000 psi. It is equipped with a Mitsubishi 700 Series CNC unit with a 15" LCD screen. The company’s AC servo system is designed for speed and precision. Stated accuracy and repeatability are ± 0.002". Lathe and cylindrical cutting capability from 2" to 12" in diameter is available as an option. The company’s Water CAD-CAM is the software expressly developed for the processing of materials in 2D and 3D on waterjet machines. It executes all contours and is compatible with most drawing formats, including DXF, DWG, WMF, EPS, PLT, IGS, DSTV, SCANNER and DIGITIZER. With this software, it is possible to use an automatic nesting feature to select the types and quantities of stored pieces to be laid on one or more plates, optimizing water jet production and reducing waste. The software also allows the generation of automatic work estimates before actual production begins. These show estimated costs, timing and cutting lengths for the job.

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