Five Products For Various Monitoring Purposes

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The Tool and Process Monitoring system line is now available from Marposs. The systems provide continuous monitoring of metalworking processes through several types of sensors—static and dynamic force, vibration, power, temperature and others.


Sensors and interfaces enable control of various machine functions, thus allowing cycle optimization and the reduction of scrap and machine downtime, the company says.


Comprised of five products for different monitoring purposes, the line is intended to aid users in reducing operational costs while improving machining quality.


The Vibration Monitor has been developed to analyze and monitor vibrations in rotating devices such as machine tool spindles. Designed for direct, reliable identification and control of the strain and forces acting on the tool, the Force Monitor can optimize the cutting parameters and production cycles.


Another product in the company’s offering, the Power Monitor controls the variations in the cutting process through continuous surveillance of the power absorbed by the machine’s axes or spindles. The Displacement Monitor provides a system for measuring distances and high-resolution displacement using customized, “wear-free” non-contact sensors for applications such as automatic compensation for thermal drift.


The company describes its Temperature Monitor as a compact, easily installed sensor for monitoring temperature in critical machine tool sub-systems, such as near moving components like axis, gears and spindles.



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