Fixed- And Sliding-Headstock Processes In Single Machine

Traub’s TNL 26 series machines offer both fixed- and sliding-headstock turning processes, in order to save users setup time, material cost and capital cost. The series provides high-precision Swiss-type and screw-machine-type turning capability in a single machine, the company says. With barstock capacity as large as 1.25" (32 mm) in diameter, the series can process medical parts ranging from bone screws to spine components. The machine includes two 12-station turrets (Y axis optional on both turrets), a five-station end-working tool carrier, a durable counter-spindle and a five-station backworking tool carrier. The maximum Z-axis travel is approximately 10" on the L-version and 4" on the K-version. The machine can accommodate as many as 58 fixed tools; of these, 32 can be live tools. The high speed indexing of the turrets throws chips away from the tools, making the machine suitable for machining tough materials such as stainless steel and titanium medical parts. The turrets also permit mounting more than one thread-whirling attachment, allowing the whirling of different thread sizes.

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