Fixed and Sliding Double-Column Machining Centers

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Yong Ju Precision Technology specializes in creating a wide range of double-column CNC machining centers. It has a clear-cut vision for its business: to be the foremost source for double-column machining centers and other large manufacturing machines that are completely different from the ones on the market.

Three main elements separate Yong Ju from the competition in supplying the aerospace industry: a solid foundation in developing five-axis machine centers, feature-specific tools and large machinery; the ability to integrate high-speed, high-precision and multiple functions into manufacturing materials, such as aluminum, for aerospace manufacturing use; and extensive experience in building large machine models like the double-column machining center for accurate and quality production of airplane plate molds.

Users of Yong Ju’s machines can easily notice the difference between their design and that of other makers. The double-column machining center it offers features more rigid structure, greater balance of axis travels and more accurate feeding systems, which are all essential for such equipment.

The company has thus far worked with a number of aerospace manufacturers, including Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation of Taiwan, Chengdu Aerospace Mold & Plastic Company of China, and several aerospace organizations from Russia.

In terms of technology, it has accumulated crucial patents, which were duly recognized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs among other official organizations.