FlexArm GH-60 Taps Quickly and Consistently

Originally titled 'Tapping Arm Features Large Capacity'

FlexArm’s GH-60 hydraulic tapping arm has a large capacity, even in laser-cut holes.

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FlexArm’s GH-60 hydraulic tapping arm has a capacity as large as 2", even in laser-cut holes. The arm is designed with a reach ranging from 20" to 85" and operates at 55 or 275 rpm to deliver as much as 811 foot-pounds of torque. Full 360-degree movement enables operators to position taps with guaranteed perpendicularity, according to the company. The tapping arm operates from a 480-V power source to provide tapping capacities ranging from ½" to 2".

Optional digital depth control enables operators to control depth and maintain consistency. An optional multi-position head also enables operators to quickly change from vertical to horizontal tapping. 

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