Flexible Profile Beam Milling Center

The P5 five-axis bridge mill is designed to machine profile beams made from composite layups; sandwiched composite-aluminum-titanium materials; and extruded or plate aluminum. Table configurations are available for these various aerospace machining applications to allow milling, drilling, routing, sawing and inspection operations to be performed in a single setup.   The bridge mill provides travels of 300" × 60" × 30" and rapid traverse rates of 2,000 ipm. A direct-drive, fork-type head provides B- and C-axis rotation. The 20,000-rpm, 43-kW spindle is said to offer the high acceleration and fast feed rates needed for long part machining. The machine features a workholding system that allows automatic setup of different part families. It also features part and tool probes; an automatic part loading door; and an enclosed workzone with dust collection system. 

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