Fluid-Driven Keyway Cutter

The company has introduced the New Axis keyway cutter, a fluid-driven solution designed to decrease floor-to-floor cycle times by eliminating secondary broaching or milling operations, the company says. Driven by a machining center's coolant system, the cutter machines keyways and splines--without spindle rotation--in bores down to a 1/2" in diameter.

By harnessing the pressure of the machining center's coolant system, the cutter is said to combine keyway cutting with turning and/or boring operations. It reduces cycle times, tool wear and increases throughput, according to the company.

It is available in five standard shank sizes: BT 40, CT 40, CT 50, HSK63A and straight shank. Four head sizes are available, each matched with one of three cutter diameters. Odd-sized keyways are said to be produced via multiple passes to achieve the required depth and width. Custom designs are also offered. The cutter uses the same coupling as the company’s New Axis right angle head, allowing those who already own the shank to purchase only the appropriate cutter head.

Spindle rotation is not required for power, according to the company. The positive displacement ball piston motor in the head achieves speeds and torque relative to coolant flow and pressure. Light duty applications require as little as 300 psi, and heavier duty applications require 1,000 psi or more. The drive shaft transmits power from the motor to the arbor-type stagger tooth cutter via the drive pins. The cutter also loads from an automatic toolchanger.


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