Flying Optics Laser

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The L6 is a new-generation flying optics laser featuring linear-drive motor technology to allow maximum speeds even in small notches or narrow contours, the company says. 

The machine process sheet sizes up to 61” × 121” and up to 0.78” thick.  Performance values include positioning speed of 11,811 ipm, acceleration over 2g and cutting speeds up to 2,362 ipm. Unlike conventional repositioning, in which the straight line movements of the cutting head consume time, the L6 optimizes the cutting head movement through ping-pong repositioning.

The compact machine has the resonator and CNC built into the structure. It features a 4 kW fast axial flow CO2 laser. Laser beam path protection is continuously pressurized by specially filtered and dried air.  Constant cutting quality and cutting parameters are maintained by integrated adaptive optics, the company says.

To minimize set-up time, a high-pressure cutting head is integrated in the system. A constant distance between material surface and the nozzle is achieved with a non-contact, capacitive, integrated sensing unit. The cutting head does not have to change when a focal lens change is required. Only a new lens cartridge has to be inserted.


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