Forming Taps For Stainless And Carbon Steels

The XTF forming taps are TiCN-coated for high speed tapping of stainless and carbon steels. The taps produce threads by displacing material to create the thread form. Because there cutting chips are formed, higher speeds can be achieved compared to conventional cutting taps, the company says. The crests on the tap forms are rounded off to promote smooth plastic flow and prevent cracks and burrs in the root of the internal thread. The taps feature a high-cobalt HSS substrate, which is said to improve their hardness and heat-resistance, while the TiCN (titanium carbon nitride) coating enhances these properties and allows the taps to perform at higher feed rates. The forming taps are available in inch sizes from 0-80 to ½"-20 and in metric sizes from M2 × 0.4 to M12 × 1.75.