Form/Surface Tester Features 40X Faster Drive Speeds

CNC versions of the manufacturer's CV/CS/SV form testers are available and capable of automated contour/surface roughness measurements with independent/simultaneous multi-axis CNC control. With drive speed of 200mm/s, it is said to be 40 times faster than other machines in this class. It is capable of being configured to take surface roughness measurements, contour measurements or both simultaneously through the changing of detector heads. The CNC CV/SV/CS is a high accuracy, high-speed unit with a tilting drive unit that has a range of +45 to -10 . This power incline feature allows for measuring slanted surfaces, chamfers. The unit can also auto-level itself for flat surface roughness measurements. In the CS configuration, the unit can take a contour and surface roughness measurement in the same trace, making it a double-purpose machine. In the SV mode, the unit is a high accuracy surface roughness machine, with X-axis travel of 8 inches, and a Z-axis travel of either 12 inches or 20 inches. These travel ranges allow the unit to accommodate larger and more complicated workpieces. X-axis accuracy in the SV mode is 0.05µm; 0.0001µm on the Z-axis. In the CV mode, the unit has a measuring range of 8 inches on the X-axis, 12 inches on the Z and the detector has a 2-inch travel. Accuracy on the Z-axis is (3+[2H]/25)µm

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